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Here at www.playstationtrophyservice.co.uk we offer a confidential and legitimate trophy buying service
for PS4, PS3 & VITA Platinums, DLC Trophies and PSN Trophy Sets.

Please send all questions and enquiries to my email directly - mrtbgraham@googlemail.com

My name is Tom but you may know me as StayPationt from the StayPationt Trophies YouTube Channel. I've been running this site since I set it up in 2012. I pride myself on the professional level of service that we provide as opposed to many other trophy services that have been known to cause problems for customer accounts through lack of care in what they do. All the trophies we sell are earned legitimately, we never hack or use modified save files even if asked and we never sign into your account without your permission. I've received endless praise for the level of our customer service in all other areas too.

Please read these FAQ's before contacting me:

Can you finish off a game I have started or earn me a single trophy?
Yes. The prices on the site are a guide as to roughly how much all the trophies for a platinum or 100% trophy set will cost. If you don't need all the trophies I will tailor the price depending on what you do need and sometimes whether we can access your save file.
How do I make an enquiry, purchase or payment?
Please contact me via my email mrtbgraham@googlemail.com to make a purchase or ask any questions you may have. 
Payment is taken via PayPal. Payment details can be found at the bottom of the screen for if and when they are needed.
What should I include in my email?
If you could let me know the games/trophies you are after, your PSN ID so I can check your existing progress, which country/region your account is from and whether you have the save files for any requested games you've already begun. That would be a great start, thank you.
Will you need my sign in details?
Not necessarily straight away but yes at some point I will need your email and password. However, if you like, you can temporarily change your password to something generic for us to use to avoid giving our your regular password.
Do I have to stay offline while you earn my trophies?
No. If the trophies you have purchased are offline trophies we can earn them without being signed into your account. For any online trophies we make sure to fit around your gaming schedule so you never have to stay offline just for us. And of course we never sign in without your permission so you will never be logged out of your account unexpectedly.
Does it matter which region I am in?
When it comes to trophies most games have one shared worldwide trophy list. For those with separate lists for certain regions I have listed the regions available in the region column of the tables displaying the games. Save files are often region locked also. We can discuss all these finer details via email though and test out your saves if need be.
Can you upload the save file to my PS Plus cloud when you are done?
Yes that's no problem. Sometimes region locked saves will come into play here but this can be discussed and figured out when we talk via email.
Are your prices set in stone?
Not necessarily. I may be able to offer you a discount depending on how busy things are and how many games you are requesting. It's always worth asking!
How long will my order take?
This depends on the length of the game and how busy the service is at the time but I now have some experienced and trustworthy friends helping with the actual gaming side of things so the speed at which orders are now completed has increased. Most can be started almost straight away.
How do I know I can trust you with my account and that the trophies will be legitimate?
To be perfectly open and honest there is no way you can know for sure if you've not used the service before so it's good that you're asking those questions due to the number of unprofessional or outright dishonest services out there. Please feel free to email me with any and all questions or concerns you have and I will do my best to answer them and put your mind at rest. If you would like to see me in person and get an idea of the reputation I have on YouTube feel free to check out my channel where I work hard to help fellow trophy hunters in any way I can. Maybe you'll even find the help you need so you can avoid having to use the service at all :)

I'd like to add a big thank you to all our customers for the tremendous support you've shown us since starting this venture in early 2012. I hope you all continue to be as satisfied with the level of service as you have been so far and we'll continue to do our utmost to keep to the high standard we have set for ourselves. Thank you one and all!

PayPal Payment Details:

CURRENCY: I am in the UK so please ensure that I receive the payment in £GBP (British Pounds) currency.
FEES: Check both "methods" mentioned below and if there is a "Friends and Family" option on either one then use that to keep the fees as low as possible, or un-check the buyer protection box.
If Friends and Family isn't available, or if you would rather use the "Buyer Protection" option, then please add on an extra 5%. The same applies if you have to use a Credit Card to fund the payment, please add on 5% for that too.
METHODS: You can send it direct to mrtbgraham@yahoo.com or use this link http://www.paypal.me/staypationt