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Here at playstationtrophyservice.co.uk we offer a confidential and legitimate trophy buying service for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita & PlayStation 4 platinum trophies, DLC trophies and PSN trophy sets at a very competitive price.

We pride ourselves on the professional level of service that we provide as opposed to many other trophy services that can cause people problems with their accounts through lack of care in what they do. All the trophies we provide are earned legitimately, we never hack trophies or use hacked save files even if asked. Despite the fact that we have to play all games ordered in their entirety we still offer a very competitive pricing structure. We also have the largest collection of trophy sets out of all the available online trophy services. 

We'd like to add a big thank you to all our customers for the tremendous support they've shown us since starting this venture in early 2012. We hope you all continue to be as satisfied with the level of service as you have been so far and we continue to do our utmost to keep to the high standard we have set for ourselves. Thank you one and all!

Important notes:

-Contact us to make a purchase, do not buy through the site, it is for reference purposes only. And please be sure to spell your email address correctly when you send your message so that you will receive our response.
-Unless otherwise stated all games we do are the versions from the EU region. For the majority of games that it doesn't make any difference but a few games have separate trophies lists depending on the region so if you are requesting one of those and want the NA or JP version done because that is the one you have started then let us know.
-The search bar is not functional but all games are in alphabetical order in their respective listings.
-You are not buying the game itself, only the trophies.

-We always strive to complete games as quickly as possible but the length of the game and the amount of orders we have at the time can contribute to how long the trophy collection will take so if you are in a hurry please mention it when contacting us so we can have a look at our current queue and give you a time estimate.
-​Unless otherwise stated the games listed do not include DLC trophies.
-For your own security we currently only accept PayPal payments. For the payment to be free at both ends you will need a balance in your PayPal account to cover the cost. If you do not have a bank account linked to PayPal or a PayPal account and you wish to use a Credit/Debit Card there may be a very small extra charge to cover the incurred PayPal fees.

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